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Friday, 1 April 2016

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Happy Friday all!
Wow, where did the week go ay?
So just a slightly different post today. For those of you who have been reading and following my blog for a while, you'll know that I publish 'payday treat' posts or some of my end of the week 'style must-haves.' But I just thought, why not actually prepare a tip post especially in a subject that most of us can relate to!
It was payday for some of us yesterday and with Summer around the corner, we're starting to splurge to satisfy our wants and needs. But what about if you're on a budget, like me? Well keep reading peeps, because today's post will give you all the information you need for shopping on a budget,
Trust me, it takes a while to master this but when you eventually do it's extremely satisfying!

I'm a sucker for timeless staples and I really believe that by building your wardrobe with basic pieces, you can really get the most out of your clothing. Check out a post I published around this time last year, titled Tips For Planning Your Spring Wardrobe if you need further insight! I can recreate so many looks by just working with pieces that I already have in my wardrobe. I'm currently loving how the classic white shirt has been updated this season with the bell sleeves and looser fit. Denim has gotten a revamp too with cropped flared lengths as well as frayed hems. If you are looking to update your basics, I'd definitely recommend looking into these styles.

Buy what you need. This is probably my mum's favourite sentence ever. Even up until now she still tells me this occasionally, buy what you need, buy what you need....
Nowadays, I tend to just shop for special occasions so for example, I'll be heading back home to Ireland next weekend for my Aunt's birthday party and I obviously have to be looking fleeky so I purchased a new dress with some heels to go along. I didn't feel guilty about my purchase because it's obviously something I needed to do. But at times when I pop into Zara, my FAVOURITE brand as you all may know, I have a habit of walking around aimlessly looking at their new collection and telling myself that I will not leave the store until I find something that I fall in love with. Yes guys, shopping is that deep for me haha.
Ask yourself, do you really NEED what you are buying? Would you even purchase it if it was on sale? I do love a good sale so I keep my eye out and prevent myself from buying full priced items if they are not a necessity.

Discounts, discounts, discounts! Do you love a good discount? Because I sure do!
I have signed up to Pretty Little Thing, Missguided, Asos, New Look (even though I don't even shop there!), and Public Desire email alerts so I pretty much get sent exclusive promo offers, discount codes etc directly to my inbox every other day. I'll let you guys in on a secret: The brands I have listed above tend to send out promo offers at least 2-3 times a week so don't be in a hurry to grab those items in your shopping basket if they are still full price. Wait a day or two and you'll get an email alerting you about a 20% off promotional offer. It's all about shopping smarter!
I'd definitely recommend signing up to at least one or two newsletters if you really want to get the bargains.

Shop out of season. This is something I'm still trying to get my head around. I know a couple of people that live off buying for the next season and to be honest it may not be such a bad idea. Use the end of Winter sales to stock up on the cashmere knits, woolly hats and longline coats for next Winter. Use the summer sales to purchase all the swimwear you can possibly get your hands on for next Summer! It's as easy as ABC.

Hope this post has helped any of you struggling to look fabulous while on a budget.
How do you guys shop whilst saving or on a budget? I'd love to get some more tips for myself ;)

Until next time,


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  1. Buying what you need is such a goodie but often the hardest one to remember when you walk into a store like Zara and you just want everything!! I'm definitely going to give the second tip I try, I'm signed up to Asos, but I never really thought of the newsletter as a way to get discounts - probably cos I never read it! Haha.
    Martha | Martha Dahhling

    1. I pretty much live in Zara! I legit bought an outfit from there for my trip home to Ireland this weekend haha, Pretty Little Thing are a good one to sign up to if you're really looking for the discounts.


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