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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

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Happy Hump Day!
Apologies for this late post but I've had a rough couple of days which has resulted in me losing all motivation to publish a blog post.
I've finally gotten back into my zone, yay!
So today's topic is something that has been lingering in my mind for a couple of weeks. It has been brought up in constant conversations with my best friend and I thought, hey why not post about it.
It may be a bit controversial for some but I love a good debate!

I was originally going to title this post as Jumping On The Bandwagon but I decided that the one I eventually chose was probably a bit more appropriate.

Def: jumping on the band wagon - "to support a cause only because it is popular to do so."

Now, don't go cray cray at me but am I the only one who has noticed an increasing amount of people who are joining the blogging scene or even Youtube? I'm not crushing anyone's passion and if you have a genuine interest for it then that's absolutely fine. However, if you are taking that step to compete with your peers or simply because you think it is a 'trend', then you my friend have got it completely wrong.
Blogging/Youtube isn't as easy as it may seem if you plan on taking it seriously or transforming it into a future career.
It takes hard work, commitment, dedication, willingness to learn and tears (well for me it took tears haha!) to become a blogger, influencer, content creator or youtuber.

In general, just because an idea or way of doing things is popular doesn't mean it's right for everyone. Decide for yourself what's right for YOU, rather than drifting along on the current popular opinion.
Making decisions by default, means that they are not conscious decisions so take the time to explore other options available or to think about the journey you are about to embark on and if it is something you are willing to fully commit yourself to.

During my first few months of blogging, I constantly asked myself if it was something I was truly passionate about or if I was doing it just for the sake of it because it was a good idea at the time?
I was able to distinguish between both and I'm glad that I'm still on that blogging journey today.
At times I get demotivated and think about giving it all up but remembering WHY I started has allowed me to carry on.

I hope none of you have been offended by today's post! If you've learnt a thing or two please let me know by dropping a comment below.
I'd really love to hear your opinions on this :)

Do you think blogging/youtube has become a trend?

Until next time,


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  1. Yes, I agree it has become the thing to do. I jumped on YouTube before I knew what I was really getting into and floundered for a bit to find what worked and what didn't. I'm still relatively new (7 months and counting!) So I don't pretend to be an expert but it is hard work and takes time and dedication to build an audience (not to forget the technical stuff to learn along the way). I wish I'd researched it more before I jumped on that cyber bandwagon but while it has its pitfalls I find I enjoy doing it and that's what matter right? Anyways great post!

    1. I tried Youtube like years ago and eventually decided to let it go, definitely wasn't my calling! Trust me, I'm still trying to build my audience and I've been blogging for quite a while now. I'm still learning every step of the way and I'm happy with how far my blog has come. As long as you're enjoying it hunny then that's great. I wish you all the best in your blogging journey x

  2. I like your post and don't think it was offensive at all. I'm fairly new to the blogging scene (over a year) and what I have learned is that creative work is hard and challenging. It is also rewarding especially when what you visualise comes to life. Yes a few people get into this line for free stuff and it really isn't about that.


    1. Phew, that's good then! It's just that some people might be sensitive to this topic.
      Trust me, it really isn't about the free stuff. Your time will come for all of that, it's pretty much working your way up the ladder!

  3. I think it has become a bit of a trend, but you can definitely tell who's going in to it for the long haul and because they love it rather than people just jumping on the bandwagon

    Steph - http://nourishmeclean.blogspot.com

  4. I definitely agree with this. Blogging has become such a huge trend, it seems like everyone and their mum has a blog! The blogging scene can get very repetitive and boring because of this. I do feel like, largely, blogs and YouTube has lost its sense of originality and unique expressive nature. You can definitely tell who is in it for the right reasons though. I feel that those bloggers and youtubers who are fearless and have a strong control over the kind of content on their blogs really stand out but the saturation of the blogosphere definitely dilutes the creativity :(

    1. LOL @ "and their mum" wow hun I couldn't have said it any better. I definitely agree that blogs have started becoming repetitive and that there is a lack of creativity these days.

  5. I totally get where your coming from. and @stephaine is so right, it good to try something new and all cause you don't know where it might take you but its not about who starts something it about following thru. Im still new to the blogger scene but in my 8 months or so been on it I've learnt so much about myself. it not easy in no shape or form and sometimes it can lonely cause well i felt like I had no support in the whole 'blogger community many times i felt like giving up but I'm truly passionate about I've learnt not to look for recognition from others and continue to do what do it cause i love what i do. this post was amazing girl x

    1. Aww babes I'm so glad to know that you've fought the temptation of quitting and you've continued to carry on. It really does take patience and hard work, it'll all be worth it at the end x

  6. I think yes and no. I think some people do think it's an "easy" career option and don't actually realise/research the work and commitment that goes with building a successful blog. I've been blogging for a few years but it's never been primarily about generating an income for me, it's been part of something else or just a creative outlet for me. Blogging is the same as being freelance or self-employed and takes the same amount, if not more effort, time, energy and commitment if you want to be "successful". I definitely think it's a good topic of discussion.

  7. I have been blogging for almost 5 years now and I have seen it explode. Yes it has become a trend when some bloggers became famous and was able to make a genuine living from it. I do not worry about how trendy it has become because it was never my main focus to watch what other people are doing. Like anything else in life the people who are serious about it will endure and the rest will fall by the wayside.

  8. Totally agree with this post. Everyone is jumping on blogging and these days just because someone has a fair amount of followers on Instagram then they think they can make that transition into blogging or simply call themselves "bloggers" (mostly just to get freebies from Brands). it's a bit annoying because it's like quantity over quality these days. But what I've noticed is as fast as these "bloggers" crop up they quickly disappear once they realise what hard work blogging actually is. In my opinion, quality will always come out on top and if you're passionate about what you do and do it without an agenda someone will notice eventually and you'll never go wrong.

  9. I enjoyed reading the post, and really like your opinion, mine is quite the same, there is lot of people doing blogging just because they wanna be called bloggers, and quality of their work is so bad. xoxo


  10. Like the ladies above have said, I agree it's become a completely saturated field! Been planning to post about this myself. Everyone's a content created these days but I think it's great if everyone is truly doing what they love an expressing themselves. The way I see it it just means that I'm being pushed to be more creative be more genuine and honest with myself & work harder so that I don't alienate myself (I've come very close this year). It's definitely a little jarring because we all know how much work this actually takes! Just got to remember why we started in the first place and support each other.



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