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Friday, 5 February 2016

"Fashion is a big part of my lifestyle.
 It helps me get into character.
It defines my personality."

Hey guys! :)
FINALLY. I can publish this post without any further delays. I've been so ill this week that I've been behind my blogging schedule, weh. But just when I thought I was recovering, I've managed to get the flu too. However, the blog must go on so I'm super excited to have some more content for you guys over the weekend .

Do you guys remember when I announced that I'd be featuring a menswear category on my blog?
I know I haven't released much posts targeted to any of my male readers but I've just spent the time actually planning the perfect posts that YOU will find quite beneficial. This year, I'm getting out of the habit of publishing posts just for the sake of it. After all, it's quality over quantity right?

Anyways, let's crack on with this post shall we?

I met up with my lovely friend, Akash recently to feature in a post. Initially, I wanted to create a post about building a sartorial wardrobe but then my best friend Debbie, advised me to get it from a male's perspective so perhaps having a chat with someone who is all about sartorial elegance.
The first person I thought of was Akash and as a stylist in Reiss, I knew that he'd have a lot of tips and tricks for you gents. As you can tell from the images above, he is beyond suave and sure knows how to work a suit!

So here are Akash's tips and tricks for you to build your sartorial wardrobe.

1. Start with your base which is your three-piece: jacket, waistcoat and trousers.
2. Find the balance with color, taking into consideration your skin tone and hair color. Opt for prime bold colours. 
3. Tone it down! Stay away from prints except for pocket squares. I tend to go for bottle green.
3. Look for longevity. Plan your suit in the long run - how many times are you likely to wear it?
4. Take your suit from wedding to work! Leave your waistcoat at home. Think corporate and sleek so 8am on the London underground with a coffee on one hand and a Hackett umbrella on the other. 
Strip away from what you have and work with what you've got!
5. Re-jig your look. Contrast with texture, for example, a silk tie with a linen pocket square. 
6. Change the way a sock looks by putting it into a relationship with a good shoe. I HATE black socks!

Don't be afraid of the pin - the pin is your friend."

How Akash takes his suit from smart to casual:

A suit can be casual by wearing trousers and a t-shirt. I go for smart tailored trousers with Doc Martens and a t-shirt tucked in.
Or if I want a mixture of both, smart casual, then a blazer with print cigarettes, a roll neck and loafers.

 Akash's Inspiration List:

Instagram - Mens Fashion Post
Willy Cartier
Sherlock (film)

Where to shop:

Accessories - Sprezzanyc for ties and pocket squares
Suits - The Kooples and Reiss
Shoes - Doc Martens, Made in England, Bottega Veneta, Meermin.
Shirts - Reiss, H&M, Topman. 

"You need to be savvy. Buy yourself 2 shirts and maximize the opportunity with accessories. Shop during sale to get bargains!"

Currently Loving:

"I don't like a brand to brand ME."

Akash Says:

"a suit can make anyone feel that they are at a Milan Fashion Show."

"a suit is like an armor."

"a stylish shopper is a smart shopper."

So there you have it! Top tips and tricks for you gents to start nailing a sartorial wardrobe.
With Valentines Day soon approaching, I'm sure  many of you are on the verge of picking the suavest Valentines attire. I hope this post has helped in some way and please feel free to place any comments or questions below!

Thank you.

Until next time,



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