Saved By The Bell.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Tee - Primark 
Jeans - ASOS (shop here)
Trainers - Bershka
Bag -  ZARA

My post title was soooo obvious wasnt it?
But moving on....
Happy Sunday guys! In today's style post I'm sporting my new ASOS high waist jeans with my Saved By The Bell tee that I got several years ago in Primark. I'm suprised I haven't dumped it with the rest of my unwanted items. I'm so glad I didnt, it has helped to rekindle my love for slogan tees and a bit of nostalgia. I freakin' loved Saved By The Bell back in the day!
Hope you guys like the ombre! I decided to jazz the 'fro up a bit.

Have a fabulous Sunday

Until next time,



  1. Life recieved! Love this look xx

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I remember that show! hehe, your T-shirt made me smile!
    And I LOVEEEE your hair! it's so amazing :D!

  4. I love a slogan tee, my recent favourite one I own says 'socially awkward' it's the best! :)



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