Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Eddie_Kennison: Eddie_Kennison

Happy new month everyone! 
September.. the beginning of Autumn, a time of change! Kids go back to school, a new College/Uni term begins and the days get shorter.
Despite the fact that we did not get much of a Summer here in the UK due to the poor weather conditions, we bid farewell to the occasional sweltering temperatures of summer, the BBQs, festivals and beach holidays. It's time to gear up again and refocus on reaching your end of year goals, remember that New Years Resolution list?
It may take a while to adapt to the change and rid ourselves of the summer vacation sluggishness but here are just some motivational quotes that may help you reach some new heights before the year ends.

Akhil_Nigam: Akhil_Nigam

Theodore_Roosevelt: Theodore_Roosevelt

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images via Pinterest and Big Commerce.

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    1. Thanks darling I'm glad you liked them. Thank you for stopping by x

  2. They are all very powerful!


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