The Satin Culotte.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

So just under 30 days until Christmas! What outfit ideas have you in mind? 
This week's style set is perfect for that work Christmas party. You don't always have to opt for an 
embellished dress but explore different ideas such as a pair of satin culottes! 
Culottes have made an appearance throughout the season, from luxury to high street. I still don't have a pair in my wardrobe but I am seriously considering a satin pair of culottes for the jolly season.
They just scream 'CHIC' and 'ELEGANCE.'
With a toned down colour palette, a touch of fur adds a bit more texture whilst still keeping the outfit classy and sophisticated. If you're not a fan of that, then why not go for the Lea Groumette wallet that I featured in last week's post

And can someone please get me a pair of Loubies for Christmas. I'll love you forever, tah.

How would you style your culottes?

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