HowTo: Forest Green Midi.

Monday, 10 November 2014

Creating sets on Polyvore really does inspire you a lot when it comes to building your ideal wardrobe and I do hope it inspires you guys too. 

Today's style picks are probably one of my favourites as they are well suited for college/uni days. 
I know that dressing up or 'making an effort' for Uni can be quite a myth but there are some days that we do want to go that extra mile, whether it's the start of a new week or the start of term. 

When I was picking out items for the set above, what really caught my attention  was the forest green midi skirt! (Check out how I styled this autumnal hue over here ).  Not only is it a great wardrobe piece for this season but it'll also look great with a knit thrown over it. I would describe this look as being chic with a tad bit of edge.  Again, if you wanted to, you could add a leather jacket on top of it for some extra toughness or a trench to perfect those layering skills. Or why not try adding a fur collar/gilet? It's all about taking core pieces, making it your own and finding ways to constantly style them in various ways. Master that, and you will forever be a goddess. 

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