Wednesday, 3 September 2014


Hey guys,
So last week I was invited to the launch of a collection titled Art Will Be Worn, pioneered by The Collective, a team that celebrates art, fashion and follows the principle of creation and collaboration. 
The event was held in Tamarama Cafe on 28th August 2014 and it was an evening packed with fresh beers, a great crowd and strictly vinyl tunes.
The Collective have worked closely with some of Dublin's finest emerging talents such as graffiti artist, Vents and illustrator, Lia Wright in order to make this project a success. Some Parisian influence has also been thrown in by Guillame Perch, a "master of symbolism and graphic design."
 A collection of art by Vents was displayed on the night of the event as well as tote bags and t-shirts.

I had a great time at the launch, bumping into a fellow blogger  and most importantly, being there to support a team of creatives. I can't stress this enough but I love seeing young people striving for success and adding something positive to the community. With their hard work, dedication and positive attitude, The Collective brand will surely be one of the best things that Dublin has ever experienced.  

"What we've aspired to achieve is three pieces that represent each of
  artist's natural style but is very much The Collective brand." 
  - The Collective.

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