What's in my travel bag?

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Welcome to another post guys! As I will be travelling very soon, I have decided to show you guys some of the basics that I will be including in my luggage. Bare in mind that these are just a few of the things that I plan on bringing with me, trust me there are plenty more items to add to the collection!

I have compiled these two collages so I can use it as a guide for when I'm packing and also it may be useful to any of you who plan on travelling. Packing can be very stressful and personally I hate it. Whenever I travel I leave all my packing to the very last minute and at that stage I literally throw in half of my wardrobe into my suitcase. Anyways, I have however discovered a new approach to packing. Simply just organise staple items in your wardrobe and plan a way of switching up an outfit, for example, a white shirt can be sported in many ways whether it's with a pair of jeans, leggings or on its own (well, if it is a boyfriend style of shirt). 
Having said that it can be worn casually or on a night out. I'm sure you guys understand what I'm on about!

So what's in MY travel bag?

  1. Leather jacket - If you are travelling to an exotic place where you are constantly surrounded by palm trees and the beach, then I really doubt you will need this. However, I will be travelling to Paris so a leather jacket is handy to have on days where it might just be a tad chilly. With rumours of temperatures reaching 27 degrees, I highly doubt I will need my leather jacket but no harm of bringing it along. 
  2. White boyfriend shirt - I am obsessed with white boyfriend shirts and they are extremely versatile, comfortable and easy to style. I already have it all planned out in my head the way I will style my shirt when I am away but I guess you guys will just have to stay tuned for the pictures..muaha.
  3. Jeans - A pair of jeans are essential in my travel bag. It doesnt matter the style, whether they are MOM jeans, light denim, dark denim, skinny etc. They act as a backup in emergencies, especially if you have nothing to wear if you're out for dinner or a drink. Throw on a pair of heels and you're good to go. 
  4. Nude and/or black heels - These are the only heels that I will be bringing with me to Paris. I can wear them with every single one of my outfits. There is absolutely no need to carry a heap of shoes! I'll use the extra space in my suitcase to bring back loads of goodies instead ;)
  5. A dress - To step out of the minimalism, add a dress of your choice! I have two dresses in mind but I only plan on bringing one with me. To be honest, I'll probably end up bringing both of them. For emergency reasons obviously.
  6. Jumpsuit - It doesn't have to be black! Jumpsuits are perfect if you're having a lazy day. I ordered a black bandeau jumpsuit from Missguided for my holiday and I know exactly how I'm going to style it. All I need are a pair of Birkenstocks or slides. 
  7. Bralet - If you know me, you will know how much I love bralets! I wear them with everything, especially since its Summer. They can be worn with a skirt, leggings, jeans.. ANYTHING. They're just fabulous. I will be bringing at least 2 bralets, one that's just black and then another one that has a bit more colour.
  8. Shorts - I'll end up wearing my white shirt on its own at some point so I'll wear my shorts underneath to avoid any embarassing moments. I don't wear shorts during night time so they'll definitely be worn as casual as you can imagine.
  9. Bikini - I'm obsessed with high waisted bikini bottoms and halter neck bikini tops! They accentuate a ladies' curves so damn well. UGH, LUSH. To be honest, I'm only planning on wearing a bikini top with a pair of shorts if I do happen to go anywhere near water. If I can find the perfect bikini set then that might change.


  1. Sun hat - I have like the perfect hat for Paris! A hat can jazz up an outfit, believe it or not, and this particular type just screams 'CHIC.'
  2. Clear clutch purse - Clear clutch purses can be added to any outfit when going out. I'm not sure if anyone else can relate, but I always find myself looking for a clutch bag that will complete my outfit. On numerous occasions, I have spent hours wandering aimlessly in town to find the perfect clutch bag. But waste no more time ladies, invest in a clear clutch purse! An absolute holiday essential.
  3. Choker - I wear my choker like every single day when I'm going to work. No one or nothing can separate me from my baby. And she will surely be on my neck when I am going to Paris.
  4. Handbag - Again, it doesn't really matter what style or colour of handbag. Just something for you to put your belongings in. But yeah, what girl leaves home without her handbag?
  5. Cassio watch - I got my new Cassio watch as a present from my BFF. I had been talking about purchasing it myself for quite a while and then one day I come home from work to find a love heart shaped box with a bunch of goodies! Best believe I wept, especially when I saw the watch. Ever since that day, it hasn't left my wrist. Prior to this, I was never a 'watch person.' There's just something about Cassio watches. She is definitely following me to Paris.

Can't wait to show you guys all the pictures and videos! :)

Until next time,

Eunice x

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  1. ohhh that's fanastic. having a boyfriend shirt, jeans and heels are the perfect combo for casual chic. love it



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