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Wednesday, 28 May 2014






YAY, my first wishlist! Wishlists come in so so handy as it reminds you of all those goodies that are still waiting to be paid for in your shopping basket! (ladies, you all know what I'm talking about!)
Anyhoo, this is just some of the stuff I've been preying on for quite a while now. Usually I'd have far more on my list but right now, all the items above are my MAIN.

So, I came across the Zara loose fit trench coat about a month ago and oh my, it was love at first sight. I spotted it on the website and then went instore to try it on. Despite it being a loose fit, it still complemented my figure quite well. Zara have two types of trench coats and the only difference between the two is that one is shorter and one is longer (clearly evident in the images above).
The coats are perfect for gloomy summer days where we'd rather throw on a light jacket with a pair of jeans or trousers. The colour and texture of the trench coats are definitely suitable for this season, and to be fair, the weather hasn't even been the best so maybe we do need some light layering , booooooo!
And before I forget, there is a great replica of this coat in H&M for only 40 quid in comparison to the one from Zara which is about 90 quid, yikes!

Another item that caught my attention are those ripped boyfriend jeans. Ripped distressed denim is literally everywhere now and can be sported in so many ways. I've been looking everywhere for the perfect ripped jeans and even considered DIY'ing some of my old pair (I actually spent time watching videos on Youtube, el oh el). Zara are the only store in my opinion that have exactly the ones I want: they are high waisted AND have that boyf fit. What else could I want?!

BRALETS. If you know me, you will know that all I ever wear are crop tops or bralets. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE em! They are one of the best inventions in the fashion world. And Topshop are probably one of the best supplier of them. While I was looking through their website I came across some amazing bralets and I just want them ALL. The ones that really stood out to me are the lace ones and the jersey triangle bralet (the last bralet on the list). Triangle bralets are well accessorised with bodychains, every other type of bralet is irrelevant IN MY OPINION.

Guys, do you know how long I've been searching for white fishnet ankle socks?! Primark/Penneys have none and I cant find any on Ebay whatsoever but thank God for LaModaUK. The white fishnet ankle socks are just £1 and are also available in black. Strangely enough, it's so much easier to get a hold of the black ankle socks but the white ones are just non-existent on Ebay etc. hmmmmm...
I'm #TeamSocksandSandals so yeah, these socks will definitely be paired with my chunky sandals *flicks hair*

If you walked into River Island, Topshop etc, I'm sure you'd end up paying at least 15 quid or more for a bodychain but why not log into Ebay and find one for less than a fiver? Think girls, think! Bodychains look perfect when worn with a bikini or a bralet, NOTHING else (in my opinion!). But yeah, I can't wait to rock mine this summer and look as baaaaad as Rihanna! ;)

White rounded or cat-eyed shaped sunglasses denote chic, a beacon of bold yet utterly timeless style. Aaaaah they are just perfection and make a great accessory to complete an entire look. I will definitely be visiting Forever21 to get my hands on these! You can never go wrong when it comes to white Sunnies costing 5 quid!

Until next time....... X

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